Dungeons are player built structures that you can encounter anywhere on the map.
Each dungeon offers a unique storyline, combined with PvE action and loot that's all yours to take!

In order to enter a dungeon, you will need a dungeon key, which can be obtained as a rare drop from the following enemies:
- Zombies
- Skeletons
- Creepers
- Spiders

Once you have discovered a dungeon location, it will be added to your warpbook so you can easily revisit it!
You are allowed to share the location of dungeons with other players.
However, please ask before doing so, as some would prefer to find the locations by themselves.

Dungeons are built by our own players, in our special Build Dimension!
Do you have an epic idea for a dungeon? Then you will get the opportunity to build it there!
Contact Pizzanakin for more information about this.

Player Shops

Player shops are a way for players to sell and buy items on the LiberCraft server.
This feature is currently very experimental, as we are trying out different ways to see what brings about the best free-market style system for our community.

Player shops are supported by a chest-shop system which allows you to safely put items in a chest without the risk of theft.

In order to create a chest-shop:
- Place down a chest
- Place a sign above the chest against a wall
- Write [shop] on the first line of the sign
- Write the name of the item(s) on the second line (you can write anything you want)
- Write the price of diamonds on the third line, and the price of iron on the fourth line
- At least one price is required, but you aren't required to give both a diamond and iron price
- The price is determined per slot. You can put different items in each slot if you want, but they will all be sold for the same price.

Players will now be able to buy items that are in this chest, as long as they have the required currency in their inventory.
Only you as an owner will be able to take items out of the chest.

Shopping Districts
Shopping districts create an opportunity for shop owners to make more profits, by gathering a lot of shops at one place.
Players will tend to visit these places the most in order to shop for items.

There is a default shopping district near spawn, which is managed by the staff team.
However, players are free to create their own shopping districts in other parts of the map, which will also be added to the warpbook.

Shopping districts other than the spawn district can have their own rules about which items are sold or how plots are distributed.
This is determined by the owner of the shopping district, but will also have to be clearly communicated to the shop owners.


Kingdoms is a framework for players to form groups on the server. Different kingdoms should represent different identities of players within the community.

Kingdoms can participate and cooperate in various aspects of the LC experience. Examples are:
- Teams in minigames
- Collecting experience for skills. Kingdoms have the option to select a bonus skill which will grant their members an XP boost.
- Building a base with your kingdom
- Trade and have war with other kingdoms (WIP)


Minigames are a method to both relax and to meet new people. Take a short break from playing survival to do something completely different with friends or new acquaintances.

Our games come in a large variety of different types. We have competitive games aimed more at PvP, such as Skywars and Murder Mystery. We also have more casual games such as Discofall or Connect 4, which have more variety in gameplay.

The competitive minigames offer a leaderboards system, which can be tied to players or kingdoms. Reaching first place in these leaderboards will grant you specific bonuses. Some casual games can also offer rewards.

Competitive Games
Skywars (tied to player leaderboard)
Skywars is a quickpaced minigame where 4-16 players fight against each other in a sky world. Each player starts on their own floating island, where they have to make their way across the void to the other islands. Most islands have chests on them with loot that you can use to gear up. The last player standing wins the game! Use your currency to unlock kits, so that you can gain a head start in this minigame!

Murder Mystery (tied to player leaderboard)
Murder Mystery is a competitive role playing minigame. One player becomes the murderer, the others are innocent. The murderer has to kill all innocents, while the innocents try to survive until the end! One innocent player is the detective, who can see the cause of death for dead players. Innocents can end the game by finding all the diamond ores hidden on the map, and bringing them to the furnace to create a diamond block. If this block gets offered, the innocents win the game!

Paintball (tied to kingdom leaderboard)
Paintball is a fastpaced shooter minigame, where kingdoms can battle against each other to gain control over the minigun! The kingdom that has the highest score on the leaderboards will be able to use /minigun to get a gun that shoots rapid fire arrows!

Casual Games
King of the ladder
Archery challenge

Skills & Perks

Skills and perks adds a system of levels and experience to the basic activities of the vanilla game. With each skill, you can increase the level to unlock special perks. These perks will give you new bonuses when using this skill.

Your Minecraft skill is your total skill level. It cannot be leveled directly, however you will earn xp for this skill everytime that you earn a level in another skill. When your Minecraft skill increases, you earn one perk point.

Gathering is the group of skills that relate to the gathering of items/materials in the world.

Earn xp by mining ores.

Caffeine (10, 20)
Your pickaxe breaks stone faster
Auto Smelt (20)
Ores you mine will automatically be smelted
Cave Vision (20)
You will have infinite night vision in caves
Mining Bliss (30)
Your drops from mining will slightly increase

Earn xp by digging soft materials such as dirt or sand.

Soft Tool (10)
Your shovel breaks terrain faster
Hot Tools (25)
Blocks used for building materials will be smelted automatically when broken using fortune

Earn xp by cutting down trees or mushrooms.

Staking (10, 20)
Your saplings will grow faster
Lumberjack (15, 40)
You will have a chance to get more drops from a tree
Hew Down (25)
Cutting a tree at its base will make the whole tree fall

Earn xp by farming any type of growable plant.

Sower (10, 20)
You can plant more crops at once
Fertilizer (20, 40)
Your crops will grow faster
Bio Manipulator (30, 50)
Crops will give you more items

Earn xp by fishing.

This is a child skill of excavation, farming, and fishing. Level up those skills to increase this skill.

Plant Bliss (10, 30)
Receive more drops from plants
Feed Up (20, 40)
Get more drops when killing animals
Prosperity (30, 50)
You have a chance of finding rare materials while excavating

Combat is the group of skills that relate to fighting.

Earn xp by unarmed combat

Vigor (10, 30)
Your unarmed attacks will do more damage
Power Strike (20, 40)
Performing a critical strike with no item in your hand will do more damage
Berserker (30)
Special Move: Run faster and jump higher for 20 seconds (right click)

Earn xp by sword combat

Precision (10, 30)
Your sword attacks will do more damage
Bleeding (20, 40)
You can make enemies bleed by hitting them with a critical strike
Dash (30)
Special Move: Quickly jump to attack or avoid an enemy (right click)

Earn xp by axe combat

Brute Force (10, 30)
Your axe attacks will do more damage
Stun (20, 40)
You can stun an enemy by hitting them with a critical strike
Whirlwind (30)
Special Move: Attack all enemies around you in a 5 block radius (right click)

Earn xp by ranged combat

Sharper Arrows (10, 30)
Your bow attacks will do more damage
Longbow (20, 40)
Fully charged arrows shoot further
Eagle's Eyes (30)
Special move: Zoom in with your bow to shoot more precise (left click)

Light Armor
Earn xp by wearing light armor

Extended Mobility (10)
You can survive longer in hostile environments
Swift Feet (30, 50)
You have a chance of completely dodging an enemies' attack

Magic Armor
Earn xp by wearing magic armor

Magic Reflect (20)
Any magic attacks aimed at you will be reflected to the attacker

Heavy Armor
Earn xp by wearing heavy armor

Well Fed (10)
You will need less food bar to regenerate health
Strong Feet (30, 50)
Decreases the weight of heavy armor in combat

Manufacturing is the group of skills that relate to the creation/restoration/destruction of items.

Earn xp by crafting items

Longevous (10, 30)
You will have a chance to get some materials back after crafting
Providential (25, 40)
You will have a chance to get more items from crafting
Arcane Crafting (50)
Items you craft will automatically get an enchantment

Earn xp by repairing tools

Advantageous Anvil (10)
When repairing a tool on an anvil, there's a chance the material won't be consumed
Reinforced Materials (20)
Repairing a tool on an anvil will give more durability

Earn xp by brewing potions

Stronger Potions (20)
Your potions will have a stronger effect
Extended Potions (40)
Your potions will have stronger duration

Earn xp by smelting items

Sustainable Fuel (20)
Your (blast) furnace fuel will burn longer
Favorable Furnace (40)
You have a chance of getting more smelted items out of a furnace

This is a child skill of crafting and repairing. Level up those skills to increase this skill.

Skilful Salvager (20)
You can salvage damaged tools
Arcane Salvager (40)
You can salvage enchanted books from tools

Miscellaneous is the group of skills that relate to other mechanics.

Earn xp by clearing dungeons

Lucky Chance (10, 30)
You will have more chance of finding rare loot
Jack's Compass (20)
Your compass will point to the nearest treasure

Earn xp by enchanting tools

More Dingding (10)
You will obtain more xp orbs
Rune Artist (20)
You can put enchantments back on a book using a grindstone
Arcane Precision (30, 60)
You have a higher chance of getting high level enchantments
Arcane Wisdom (50)
You can enchant items with a higher level than normal

Earn xp by using the build tools

Extended Blueprint (10, 20, 30)
The block cap for building with your blueprint increases with 250 blocks
Hoist (15, 30)
You can go upwards faster when climbing a scaffold

Diminishing Returns
We have added a system that adds diminishing returns to the xp values earned in a single day. This is done in order to prevent players from excessively grinding and getting too far ahead from the more casual players. The diminishing returns are applied on all skills equally, and will be reset once every 24 hours.

How it works:
The more experience you earn on a single day, the less xp you will get from each activity. The reduction is capped at 50%, meaning you will never earn less than 50% of the default xp value. We aim to have the reduction rates set so that you will start noticing a small decrease after ~3 hours of non-stop grinding, and you should reach the cap after ~8 hours of non-stop grinding. Please help us adjust the values if you notice they are incorrect.

Build Mechanics

The build mechanics are a new set of tools that will allow you to build more easily in survival mode. They are connected to the building skill.

The build tools are as follows: pencil, blueprint, chisel. A pencil can be made by crafting a plank with a (char)coal above it. A blueprint can be made by crafting blue dye with paper. A chisel can be made by crafting a stick with a flint above it.

The pencil and blueprint are used to make selections, which can be filled with blocks or be cleared out with tools. The chisel allows you to change the rotation of blocks such as stairs, logs, or glazed terracotta.

To use the pencil:

  1. Left click a block to set the first point of your selection
  2. Right click a block to set the second point of your selection
  3. Left click the air to move your selection in that direction
  4. Right click the air to expand your selection in that direction
  5. Pressing shift while clicking the air (left + right) will invert the direction

To use the blueprint:
  1. Right click the blueprint to open the menu
  2. Pick a block to fill the selection with, or a tool to clear the selection with. Clearing a selection will yield no block drops
  3. When placing blocks, you also get to pick a shape to fill the selection with (fill, walls, outline)
  4. When clearing a selection with a tool, it will only remove the blocks this tool is able to break