Kingdoms is a framework for players to form groups on the server. Different kingdoms should represent different identities of players within the community.

Kingdoms can participate and cooperate in various aspects of the LC experience. Examples are:
- Teams in minigames
- Collecting experience for skills
- Building a base with your kingdom
- Trade and have war with other kingdoms (WIP)

Minigames are a method to both relax and to meet new people. Take a short break from playing survival to do something completely different with friends or new acquaintances.
Minigames come in a large variety of different types. We have competitive games aimed more at PvP, such as Skywars and Murder Mystery. We also have more casual games such as Discofall or Connect 4, which are more unique in gameplay.

The competitive minigames offer a leaderboards system, which can be tied to players or kingdoms. Reaching first place in a leaderboard could grant you specific bonuses. Some casual games can also offer rewards.

Competitive Games
- Skywars BETA (players leaderboard)
- Murder Mystery BETA (players leaderboard)
- Paintball (kingdoms leaderboard)

Casual Games
- Discofall
- Spleef
- King of the ladder
- Parkour
- Elytra course
- Archery challenge

- The #1 kingdom in Paintball gets a minigun that shoots arrows
- Complete the parkour section to earn a reward (once parkour is finished)
- Complete the archery challenge to get your name on the wall

Skills & Perks
Skills and perks adds a system of levels and experience to the basic activities of the vanilla game. For each skill, you can increase the level to unlock special perks.

Your Minecraft skill is your 'total skill level'. It cannot be leveled directly, however you will earn xp for this skill everytime that you earn a level in another skill. When your Minecraft skill increases, you earn one perk point.

You earn different amounts of xp for different treetypes, based on the shape of the tree and how much wood they give. Planting saplings also earns xp.

You will earn 1000 xp everytime you craft an item you haven't crafted before. Next to that, crafting items will give you a base amount of xp based on the item's value.

You will earn xp by mining or smelting ores, based on the value of the ore. Xp is not given when you mine ores like diamonds/redstone/etc. with silk touch, and fortune doesn't give an xp bonus when you get multiple drops.

You will earn xp by killing monsters. However, we aim to disable fighting experience for killing monsters collected in an xp grinder, as it would make it too easy to level this skill.

Exploring (unimplemented)
You will earn xp by looting dungeons and treasure chests. We want to find a way to make treasure chests respawn their items + protecting them before implementing this skill.

You will earn xp by farming any type of growable plant. The xp is based on the growing rates of crops.

Scavenging (unimplemented)
You will earn xp by doing any activity that gathers resources from nature, not covered by another skill. Examples: fishing, finding flint, getting apples or seeds

You will earn xp by using an enchanting table to enchant items, or a grindstone to disenchant items.

Trading (unimplemented)
You will earn xp by trading. However, as the trading system is not implemented, you are currently not able to earn xp.

You will earn xp by placing or clearing blocks using the build tools.

Diminishing Returns
We have added a system that adds diminishing returns to the xp values earned in a single day. This is done in order to prevent players from excessively grinding and getting too far ahead from the more casual players. The diminishing returns are applied on all skills equally, and will be reset once every 24 hours.

How it works:
The more experience you earn on a single day, the less xp you will get from each activity. The reduction is capped at 50%, meaning you will never earn less than 50% of the default xp value. We aim to have the reduction rates set so that you will start noticing a small decrease after ~3 hours of non-stop grinding, and you should reach the cap after ~8 hours of non-stop grinding. Please help us adjust the values if you notice they are incorrect.

Build Mechanics
The build mechanics are a new set of tools that will allow you to build more easily in survival mode. They are connected to the building skill.

The build tools are as follows: pencil, blueprint, chisel. A pencil can be made by crafting a plank with a (char)coal above it. A blueprint can be made by crafting blue dye with paper. A chisel can be made by crafting a stick with a flint above it.

The pencil and blueprint are used to make selections, which can be filled with blocks or be cleared out with tools. The chisel allows you to change the rotation of blocks such as stairs, logs, or glazed terracotta.

To use the pencil:
- Left click a block to set the first point of your selection
- Right click a block to set the second point of your selection
- Left click the air to move your selection in that direction
- Right click the air to expand your selection in that direction
- Pressing shift while clicking the air (left + right) will invert the direction

To use the blueprint:
- Right click the blueprint to open the menu
- Pick a block to fill the selection with, or a tool to clear the selection with. Clearing a selection will yield no block drops.
- When placing blocks, you also get to pick a shape to fill the selection with (fill, walls, outline)
- When clearing a selection with a tool, it will only remove the blocks this tool is able to break
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