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3. Clans

Clans is a framework for players to form groups on the server. Clans have a single leader who can pick several lieutenants to help them. The rest of the clan is made up of regular members.

Different clans represent different identities of players within the community. For example: players who prefer to play with archery as their main mode of combat can join an archery clan. Players who prefer to make awesome builds can join a builders clan.

Clans can participate and cooperate in various aspects of the LC experience. Examples:

  • Teams in minigames
  • Collecting experience for skills. Clans have the option to select a bonus skill which will grant their members an XP boost.
  • Building a base with your clan
  • Trade and have war with other clans, form kingdoms and empires and build cities (WIP)

When you join a clan, the clan's tag gets added to your name on the tab list. If you connect your Discord account to your minecraft account, the tag will also show up in chat. To link your accounts, use the following command:

/discordsrv link

Pages with more info about clans: