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4. Skills & Perks

Skills and perks adds a system of levels and experience to the basic activities of the vanilla game. With each skill, you can increase the level to unlock special perks. These perks will give you new bonuses when using this skill.

Skill Categories:

Diminishing Returns
We have added a system that adds diminishing returns to the xp values earned in a single day. This is done in order to prevent players from excessively grinding and getting too far ahead from the more casual players. The diminishing returns are applied on all skills equally, and will be reset once every 24 hours.

How it works:
The more experience you earn on a single day, the less xp you will get from each activity. The reduction is capped at 50%, meaning you will never earn less than 50% of the default xp value. We aim to have the reduction rates set so that you will start noticing a small decrease after ~3 hours of non-stop grinding, and you should reach the cap after ~8 hours of non-stop grinding. Please help us adjust the values if you notice they are incorrect.