LiberCraft Wiki

Build Mechanics

The build mechanics are a new set of tools that will allow you to build more easily in survival mode. They are connected to the building skill.

The build tools are as follows: pencil, blueprint, chisel. A pencil can be made by crafting a plank with a (char)coal above it. A blueprint can be made by crafting blue dye with paper. A chisel can be made by crafting a stick with a flint above it.

The pencil and blueprint are used to make selections, which can be filled with blocks or be cleared out with tools. The chisel allows you to change the rotation of blocks such as stairs, logs, or glazed terracotta.

To use the pencil:
Left click a block to set the first point of your selection
Right click a block to set the second point of your selection
Left click the air to move your selection in that direction
Right click the air to expand your selection in that direction
Pressing shift while clicking the air (left + right) will invert the direction

To use the blueprint:
Right click the blueprint to open the menu
Pick a block to fill the selection with, or a tool to clear the selection with. Clearing a selection will yield no block drops
When placing blocks, you also get to pick a shape to fill the selection with (fill, walls, outline)
When clearing a selection with a tool, it will only remove the blocks this tool is able to break