1. General

    1. Any action performed against the server with ill intent will result in a permanent ban. For example: attempting to crash the server intentionally.
    2. Owners may ban players without giving reasons (this is done in exceptional cases).
    3. Every member, if banned, can write an unban appeal.
    4. We expect you to behave normally and act friendly towards other players. Players who do not fit the community will be removed from the whitelist
    5. Evading or attempting to evade a temporary ban on our services will lead to a permanent ban.

  2. Warning Points

    1. We use a system of warning points to determine what players should get banned.
    2. Players can get up to 10 warning points, after which they will get banned.
    3. The amount of warning points earned is different for each offense, based on:
      1. The intent of the offending player.
      2. The severity of the damage caused.
      3. The relationship of the player to the broader community.
    4. Warning points are stored on an internal document that is not viewable to players.
    5. You can ask a staffmember to know how many warning points you currently have.

  3. Building and Structures

    1. Griefing structures is not alllowed.
    2. Do not build any offensive or stupid symbols (swastika, penis, etc.)
    3. Do not grief world-generated structures, with the exception of mineshafts and dungeons. You are alllowed to live in a village and modify it, but you can't destroy it. Nether fortresses can be modified after asking permission from the staff team.
    4. Do not build endermanfarms. They will be re-enabled on a future map.
    5. Do not lock portals in the nether. It would be appreciated if you don't lock overworld portals either.
    6. In a town, the town rules are only applied after the citizens are made aware of it.
      1. This means as a town owner, you are allowed to change the rules of your town.
      2. However, you cannot punish someone for breaking a rule if they were not aware that it existed.
      3. Please inform your citizens of a rule update as soon as possible!

  4. Cheating, Modding, Hacking, & Bug Exploiting

    1. Cheating and hacking are not allowed.
    2. Exploiting vanilla bugs is allowed, unless the bug will duplicate items.
    3. Exploiting plugin bugs is not allowed, and they should be reported when discovered.
    4. The usage of any mod that gives you advantages over other players is not allowed.
    5. A list of mods/mod types that are allowed:
      1. Optifine (and other client performance improvement mods)
      2. Minimap mods (as long as they only show the same information as dynmap, without players)
      3. Statistic HUD mods (for player + entities)

  5. Stealing

    1. Stealing is not allowed in any situation.
    2. This also counts for entities. Killing entities in another person's base is considered stealing.
    3. Do not break someone's crops without asking permission.
    4. Do not take someone's items when they die, unless it is for safekeeping. This also counts when you killed the player.

  6. Killing

    1. You are allowed to kill anyone who has PvP turned on. PvP can be disabled by using /pvp.
    2. Do not attack admins or moderators when they are taking care of staff duties.
    3. You cannot spam-kill a player without their consent. Give them time to disable pvp after killing them once.
    4. Spam-killing with consent is only allowed as long as it doesn't cause spam in the chat (see rule 9.2).

  7. Pranking

    1. Pranking is only allowed if you sign up at the prank board located in the staff shop.
    2. Sign up by putting your name and base coords on the prank board. You can't have a worldguard region if you join the prank games!
    3. You can only be pranked at the places you list, not at any other buildings.
    4. If you prank someone, you need to leave a sign with your nickname.
    5. The prank must be harmless. Anything that is broken must be restored.
    6. You no longer own the materials used to prank someone.
    7. Don't break valuable things (diamond blocks, beacons, etc.).
    8. Don't mess with redstone.
    9. We don't want to be a buzz-kill, so if you have to break a rule to execute your prank and you know the pranked player is fine with it, it will not be punished. It is the pranker's responsibility to estimate if the pranked player will appreciate it.
    10. Traps are allowed only if the target ends up getting their items back.
    11. These rules also apply to kingdoms. If a kingdom has a base and they want it to be prankable, it should be listed on the prank board.
    12. Pranking any place that isn't listed on the board is considered griefing.

  8. Shops

  9. Shopping District Rules

    1. Shopping districts can be created by any player.
    2. Players cannot set up their personal shops within a radius of 200 blocks of a shopping district.
    3. Players should follow the rules set up by the owner of the shopping district.
    4. Custom shopping districts do not have to follow the rules of the spawn shopping district.
    5. Shopping districts should be accessible to all players and use a common currency.
    6. In order for a shopping district to be added to the warp list, all the above rules must be followed.

    Spawn District Rules

    1. Each player may only own 1 shop at the shopping district. This means you can't use an alternate account to get a 2nd plot.
    2. You can't sell your own shop to other players.
    3. The height limit for shop plots is 30 blocks up and down.
    4. Do not join plots together.
    5. After getting a plot, you have 2 weeks to get it built and running. Otherwise it will be removed.
    6. Your shop must not exceed 20 combined item frames and armor stands. This is to reduce fps drops around the shopping district.
    7. Shops will be removed if the owner is inactive for 20 days.
    8. Shops will be removed if they are empty and not restocked for 20 days.

  10. Chat

    1. The chat is in English only. Please use /tell or other private chats for other languages.
    2. Insulting and/or spamming is not allowed on any of our platforms.
    3. Do not abuse caps lock.
    4. Do not give out personal information about other players.
    5. Do not advertise for other Minecraft severs on any of our platforms, in any way.
    6. These rules are always in effect, even when you might be the only player online. You never know who is watching on Discord
    7. All the chatting rules also apply on our Discord Server.

  11. Events

    1. When playing events, any rule that does not conflict with the goal of the event still counts.
    2. Do not tower above the highest block of the map in Skywars.
    3. The maximum offline time in UHC is 15 minutes.

  12. Inactiveness/Banned players

    1. If you become inactive, we will not remove your stuff; with the exception your shop in the shopping district.
    2. If you become inactive, you will not be unwhitelisted.
    3. If you know in advance that you will be inactive for a longer period of time, please inform us.
    4. For temporarily banned players, the rules above holds true.
    5. For permanently banned players, your stuff will be taken from you and removed.

  13. AFK

    1. Currently, AFKing is allowed on the server.
    2. This might change in the future, based on multiple factors:
      1. Lag caused by excessive entity amounts, redstone mechanics, or other causes related to AFKing.
      2. Unbalance in resource amounts between AFKing players and regular players.
      3. Incompatibility of AFKing with plugin mechanics.
    3. Please keep this in account and do not be surprised if this rule changes in the future.

  14. Early Access

    1. While the server is in early access, you should expect to encounter plugin bugs. These can alter your gameplay in unexpected ways. Please keep this in mind while playing.
    2. Please report any bugs you find to the staff team.
    3. If using a bug can be avoided, exploiting it is punishable.
    4. Bugs that cannot be avoided will not be punishable.