Whitelist application

If you want to start playing on our server, please open a topic here. You should follow the template laid out in the first post called "[INFO] How to apply", otherwise we will ask you to apply again.
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- Do not post here unless you are a staff member, a friend of the applicant or the applicant itself.
- Obviously, posting offtopic messages here will lead to forum warns.
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Whitelist application

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Ingame Name: Bama_Football
Where are you from?: US
Why do you prefer playing in a small community?: Lot better to meet new friends
What are you most interested in; vanilla, minigames, or role-play?: minigames
Tell us something about yourself: loves college football
What is your specialty in minecraft?: explore the world
What is your discord name?(Ex: Player#1234): MrSaxophonist#9495
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Re: Whitelist application

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Accepted! Hope to see you soon!
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