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Welcome Players!

On this page you can find all the information about LiberCraft and who we are.

Do you want to join our community? You can do so by joining our Discord!

[Who are we?]

LiberCraft is a community that was officially founded on november 1st 2012, however it has existed prior to that in the form of a SAMP community under the name of WW3.

We are a gaming community, primarily based around a Minecraft server, however we are open to accepting non-Minecraft players as well. Anyone looking for a place to hang out with people and talk about or play other games is welcome here too.

[Community Values]

In our community we value:
- Treating other human beings with respect and dignity at the basis of our interaction
- Having a place where people can grow into better versions of themselves
- Making friendships that will last for beyond a lifetime

We aim to build a community where all members treat and feel treated based on these values. If you want to join us in this pursuit, you are more than welcome!

[How to join]

If you want to join our minecraft server, you will need to apply for the whitelist first. You can do so by filling in a form on our discord server. Go to the channel #🚪how-to-join to fill in the form.

[Early Access]

We are currently in the process of restructuring our server. We are working according to a special vision where we try to create a community for players with all different interests. We will have a vanilla dimension, a minigames dimension, and a modded roleplay dimension. These features are currently being worked on and can be experienced in Early Access mode.

We have a custom plugin which is responsible for most of the features on our server. It is actively being developed to this day. This means that more features will be added as time goes by.


We have added several Vanilla Tweaks Datapacks to our server:
- Custom Nether Portals
- Nether Portal Coords
- Player Head Drops
- Silence Mobs
- Cauldron Concrete
- Durability Ping
- Fast Leaf Decay
- Igloo Villager Fix
- Invisible Item Frames
We are open to adding more of these if they do not conflict with prior existing features or concepts.

[More Info]
Server Rules
LC Team
More Custom Features
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