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This subforum explains all of the custom features of our Minecraft server!
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Ingame Commands
/survival: Teleport to the survival realm
/minigames: Teleport to the minigames realm
/spawn: Teleport to the spawn of your current realm/dimension
/msg <playername> <message>: Send a message to a player
/reply <message> or /r <message>: Reply to your last received message
/pvp: Toggle pvp
/sethome [number]: Set a home
/home [number]: Teleport to a home
/delhome <number>: Deletes a home
/homes: See all your homes
/warpbook: Open the warpbook
/menu: Open the plugin menu
/shop: Edit a shop
/sit: Sit down
/clans: Open the clans menu
/stream: Toggle stream mode
/libershop: Open the donation shop

Bot_tle Commands
!bot_tle: Bot_tle introduces himself
!forums: Get a link to the forums
!dynmap: Get a link to the dynmap
!rules: Get a link to the rules
!libermall, !plots, !claimplot, !shops: Get info on the LiberMall
!!: Will show ingame players as well as people active on discord
!welcome: Welcomes a new player
!wb: Says welcome back
!youtuberoftheday: Shows the LC youtuber of the day
!seen: Check when someone was last seen ingame
!howlong: Check when someone was last seen on Discord
!r8: Rate something from 0-10
!?: Ask a question (should end with a question mark)
!chance: Calculate the chance that something will happen
!percentage: Calculate the percentage of something
!ship: Check how well two people would fit in a relationship