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This subforum explains all of the custom features of our Minecraft server!
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This page describes all custom features added by the plugin.

[Build Tools]
The build tools are worldedit-like mechanics that allow you to build more easily in survival mode. The build tools still require you to obtain materials, just like vanilla. However, placing the blocks or modifying a build will be easier.


Quick Summary
The buildtools add the following items:
- Blueprint & Pencil
- Chisel
- Spatula

The pencil is used to make or edit selections. These selections can be modified with the blueprint, which is used to fill a selection with a specific block, or to clear it with a certain tool.
The chisel allows you to change the rotation of individual blocks such as stairs, logs, or glazed terracotta.
The spatula allows you to replace a specific block with another material.

How to use

The recipe for crafting a pencil is as follows:

Create a selection
- Left click a block to set the first point of your selection
- Right click a block to set the second point of your selection

Modify a selection
- Left click the air to move your selection in the direction you are facing
- Right click the air to expand your selection in the direction you are facing
- Pressing shift while clicking the air (left + right) will invert the direction

To unselect
- Keep any other item than one of the build tools in your hand
- After 10 seconds, the selection will be cleared

The recipe for crafting a blueprint is as follows:

To use the blueprint:
- Right click the blueprint to open the menu. Left click simply repeats your previous action.
- When the menu is open, you can either pick a block to fill the selection with, or a tool to clear the selection with. Clearing a selection will yield no block drops.
- When you place blocks, you also have to choose a shape to fill the selection with (fill, walls, outline).
- When clearing a selection, it will only remove the blocks that your chosen tool is able to break.

Fill Types
Here you can see what each fill type will produce.

All attempts to change all blocks in your selection

Walls attempts to change the outer walls of your selection

Outline attempts to change all the outer blocks of your selection

The recipe for crafting a chisel is as follows:

How to use
- Right click a block to change it to the direction you are currently facing.
- Hold sneak to invert the direction

The recipe for crafting a spatula is as follows:

How to use
- Right click a block to open the block selection menu
- The selected block will be swapped out with the block that you choose
- The block that gets replaced is lost, and will not be returned to your inventory

Clans is a system for players to make groups on the server. Clans have one leader, who can pick several lieutenants to help them. The rest of the clan is made up of regular members.



Different clans represent different identities of players within the community. Examples:
- Players who like to play minigames can form a clan based on their favourite minigame
- Players making a base together in the Survival Dimension can make a clan for their base

Clans can participate and cooperate in various aspects of the LC experience.

When you join a clan, the clan's tag gets added to your name on the tab list. If you connect your Discord account to your minecraft account, the tag will also show up in chat. To link your accounts, use the following command:

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/discordsrv link

Creating a clan
It is important that you read and follow each step carefully, so that you will be able to properly create your clan.

Step 1. Determine name and tag

If you want to use spaces in your name, you should enter these as an underscore (_) instead. You do not need to add capitals, the plugin will do this automatically.

For your tag, pick up to four letters that resemble your clan name closely. You can always change the tag later.

Step 2. Use command to create clan
Use the following command to create your clan:

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/clan create <name> <tag>
Step 3. Invite people to your clan!
Use the following command:

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/clan invite <name>
You can also invite people by looking them up in the player list.

To send a message in a clan channel, use:

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/clanchat <message>
/cc <message>

The following commands exist for clans:

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This command opens the clan page of your clan. If you are not in a clan, it opens the default clans menu.

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/clan create <name> <tag>
This command creates a clan. For more detailed information about this, read how to create a clan.

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This command opens the default clan menu.

The following commands exist for clan managers:

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/clan invite <player> 
/clan i <player>
This command invites a player to your clan.

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/clan tag <tag>
/clan t <tag>
This command changes the tag of your clan.

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/clan name <name>
This command changes the name of your clan (can only be used once a week!).

[Player Shops]
Player shops are a way for players to securely sell and buy items on the LiberCraft server.


Player shops work using a chest-sign system. This system allows you to safely put items for sale in a chest without the risk of theft. Customers will only be able to retrieve these items if they are able to pay for it, and payment is automatically added to the chest.

An example of player shops on the server

In order to create a chest-shop:
- Place down a chest
- Place a sign against/above/below the chest
- Write [shop] on the first line of the sign
- Write the name of the item(s) on the second line (you can write anything you want)
- Write a price on the 3rd line. Writing a price on the 4th line is optional
- Writing the price is done as follows: <amount> <material>
For example: 3 diamond (no 's' at the end of diamond)
- A single price is determined for all slots. You can put different items in each slot if you want, but they will all be sold for the same price.
- If you want to sell multiple stacks, you can write the price as 1/slot amount. For example, selling 2 stacks of potatoes for 1 diamond would require the price to be 1/2

Example of how to create a shop

DecorHeads adds collectable decorative blocks to the game that can be obtained through a variety of basic activities.


By doing activities such as mining, crafting, smelting, brewing, there is a random chance you will receive custom decor heads as an extra drop. There are also new recipes to directly craft other types of decor heads.

There is an ingame wiki that allows you to view all the available heads from ingame. You can also get information on how to obtain them.

Use the following commands ingame:

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/dhwiki list <page>
/dhwiki preview <name>
/dhwiki sources <name>)
If you are looking for a specific type of head that is currently not available in the list, you can make a request for us to add this head.