Minigames Realm

This subforum explains all of the custom features of our Minecraft server!
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The Minigames Realm

The minigames realm is a special dimension that is packed full with minigames!

It can be accessed through the minigames portal at spawn, or by using the command:

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You can find the following games in the minigames realm:


Discofall is a command block based minigame. There is 1 DJ and multiple dancers. The DJ starts the music, and the dancers dance on the dance floor. After a while, the DJ picks a color. The music stops, and the players have to run to this color on the dance floor before all the other colors disappear!


Spleef is a Minecraft classic. Use a shovel to break the snow blocks below another player's feet without getting spleefed yourself. Use snowballs to break blocks at a distance and make sure you become the last person standing!

[King of the Ladder]

In King of the Ladder, players battle against each other to reach the highest point on a ladder tower. Make sure you are steady on your feet because you don't want to fall down!


Skywars is our most popular minigame. Players spawn on floating islands with chests that contain random items. These can be used for fighting, or for building bridges/defense against players on other islands. Players fight until one player remains, who is the winner of the game.

[Bedwars (WIP)]

Bedwars is similar to Skywars, but players will be able to respawn until their bed is destroyed. There are also ingame shops to get items instead of chests. In the shops you pay with gold, diamonds, and emeralds, which spawn on the map.

[Murder Mystery (WIP)]

Murder Mystery is a classic Minecraft minigame. Our version of it will be slightly different, being more similar to the popular game Among Us.

[First Strike (WIP)]

First Strike is a classic and iconic LC Minigame. Being first introduced back in 2015, this minigame incorporates FPS mechanics into Minecraft, turning the game into a real shooter experience.