Roleplay Stories

This subforum explains all of the custom features of our Minecraft server!
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Roleplay Stories

Roleplay stories are meant to connect people together. It's all meant for fun.

With that said, please do not be super competitive in roleplays. It's best to be flexible with what happens, since you can't perfectly predict how the roleplay will play out every single time.

[Official Lore Roleplays]
These roleplays are server sponsored events. In these roleplays we try to tell you some pieces of history of Libercraft's past. These roleplays are more scripted in general with a little less flexibility on your part. Please make sure when making your own roleplays to not change the story of the official lore roleplay.

[Side Adventure Roleplays]
Side-adventure Roleplays are roleplays where you have the freedom to create your own roleplays, stories, and more. It can be a one-time event roleplay, it could be a big elaborate story with many events included. Anything is on the table with these roleplays. In general, please do not write roleplays that alter the official lore roleplays sponsored by the server.

An example of how you can set up a roleplay is seen below:
Let's say I want to do a roleplay where I sue bastion for stealing my cat. I form a topic on discord where I describe what the roleplay is about, when/where the roleplay will occur, and roles still need to be filled. I would give myself the role of plaintiff and bastion would be the defendant. I would ask for roles to be filled such as judge, jurors, lawyers, and witnesses. From there, you would decide who gets what role based on what people want. After everything is ready and the day comes, the roleplay will occur. You can be flexible with how roleplays go. It doesn't have to follow a strict script or it can if you want. This is all just for fun, remember that.

[Roleplay Town]
We are currently building a roleplay town right near spawn where you can do some common roleplay ideas. For example, in the roleplay town there will be a courtroom where you can sue people.
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