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Webshop Information

This page explains all about our different webshop sections!

If you want to help the server out financially, you can do so by buying something from our webshop! The money that we get from this will be invested into the server hardware or other community improvements!

The webshop has 3 sections:
- Buycraft store
- Patreon
- Merchandise store

The buycraft and merchandise store work by one-time payments after which you will receive your goods.
Patreon works on a subscription basis; you will receive rewards/benefits for each month that you are subscribed.

[Buycraft Store]
The Buycraft store is where you can buy most things that relate directly to our Minecraft server. Packages like: LiberCoins, Dynmap Icons, Custom Paintings, etc. can be bought on the Buycraft store.

Important notice for Bedrock players:
When asked for your minecraft username, you will have to add the . in front of it as well! Otherwise you might not receive the packages you want to buy.

Patreon is for the diehard fans that want to take an extra step in their contribution towards the server. By setting up a monthly subscription, you will give us some extra security, which will also be more heavily rewarded.

The patreon currently only has one tier available. Over time I will be adding more benefits that will become available for higher tiered contributions. Keep an eye on them if you are interested!

[Merchandise Store]
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