Cosmetics & Event Tickets

This subforum explains all of the custom features of our Minecraft server!
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Cosmetics & Event Tickets

This page explains all about our cosmetics and event tickets!

[What are cosmetics?]
Cosmetics are purely-visual based enhancements that you can obtain on our server. They allow you to display cool effects around your Minecraft character, that you can show off to other players! This means there are no pay-2-win mechanics involved.

Examples of cosmetics are:
- Particle Effects
- Music
- Balloons

Pizzanakin with a Balloon and Particle Effect cosmetic enabled

[How do you get cosmetics?]
Cosmetics will first appear as an item in your inventory. You can right click this item to unlock the cosmetic for yourself, or you can trade it with someone else (you are allowed to sell these items in shops etc.). There are several different ways to get cosmetic items!

During the various events (which will be explained more below) you can obtain cosmetics as a reward. These cosmetics are randomly distributed, so you might not get the exact cosmetic that you want. But you might be able to trade some cosmetics with other players if you don't activate them!

If you really want to get a particular cosmetic, you can also buy them via the cosmetic shop.

[What are event tickets?]
Event tickets are used to organise mini events on the server where the participants can win cosmetics!

Ticket Types
Currently there are two types of event tickets:
- Balloon Party = Create a balloon party that lasts 5 minutes. Popping balloons gives you rewards!
- Minigame Reward = Activate it during a minigames game and the top 3 players will receive cosmetics.
More ticket types will be added over time.

Obtaining Tickets
Tickets are bought via the ingame cosmetic shop using LiberCoins.

[Cosmetic Shop]
You can access the shop via the command:

Code: Select all

In the shop you have to pay with LiberCoins. You can obtain LiberCoins by buying them in our webshop, or by earning them through participating in balloon parties.